Machine Learning Engineer M/F / Ingénieur ML H/F - Innovative naval and ground-based security systems #NoSSIII

CDI — Monaco (98)

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  • Réf. MVGASDR05
  • CDI
  • Monaco (98)
  • 32-40 K€ annuels
  • Ajoutée
  • State of the art, Challenge, Communication
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  • Contact Jean-Pierre


Machine Learning Engineer on CDI contract for a Monaco-based company, expert in security systems integration. +15 years of existence, 30 members, strong growth, high technology. Flexibility, exciting challenges. Indicative salary range 32-40K € Net.

JobOpportunIT is a French recruitment agency taking care of the best IT profiles. We propose only permanent contracts (CDIs) directly with our customers: software editors, startup, SMEs and large groups. Why choose us?


Our client is an international company, which in just 15 years has risen to the podium of the leaders in the design and integration of high-performance marine and ground-based security systems (control command software, perimeter scans ...).

In connection with several Defense organizations (agencies, universities, industries…), our client offers a highly reliable service running on phones, tablets and (touch) screens. They provide many industries (transport, leisure…) with innovative security solutions, using state of the art technologies both on the software (including embedded in a constrained environment) and hardware side (detection and thermal sensors, cameras).

Their mission? Make the sensors "talk"! While they keep on creating new solutions, their historic applications are continuously updated with the latest and brightest technologies.

With 30 collaborators worldwide, they are developing a growing international presence. Head office and technical Teams are based in Monaco, while marketing Units are in the United Kingdom, specific R&D is designed in Italy and the reliability of their solutions has recently won the confidence of the Saudis. Thanks to many successful projects, our client has increased from 15 to 30 collaborators worldwide, in just 5 years. 2020 objective is to growth to 50 members. In Monaco, with a team of 20 members including their CTO, 1 Lead dev, 3 BE dev, 2 FE dev, 1 data scientist and 1 technician , they are now looking for new motivated engineers!: 1 BE Python developer, 1 FE JavaScript developer, 1 DevOps, 1 ML engineer and 1 Technician.

Our clients’ management is technologically very challenging on their products and Teams and just as much on the well-being at work! Daily life is organized with great freedom and autonomy. There is no real micro-management since a consistent interview process of candidates allows everyone to trust each other thereafter. They believe that every idea is worth listening to.

The atmosphere is both fun and focused! Teams are multicultural and often meet on Fridays over a beer and eventually for joy events (sport sessions, ski weeks, company meals ...). there has only been 1 departure in 6 years! Premises are spacious with a kitchen area, a shower and a terrace with a view! They will soon move to a greater Monaco office in order to welcome their new members, possibly you!

Our client is bow investing in Machine Learning for enriching their flagship software in the following areas:

  • Video classification, detection, monitoring
  • Pattern recognition and anomaly detection
  • Radio frequency analysis.

Their current focus is on the video and will extend to other areas as the team grows.


As a Machine Learning Engineer, you will report to the Machine Learning Head, a (nice:-) ) specialist with 10 years of experience. Our client's goal is to develop machine learning as the technical team grows.

Your responsibilities include:

  • categorize data from public sources and from their customers (when authorized)
  • help with training data. Annotations are outsourced, still data need to be validated and sometimes annotations converted for the appropriate network. Our client is building and continuously improving his own tools to help filter and validate training data and results
  • Test the performance and compatibility of new hardware, in the Nvidia universe,  on FPGA or pure server-grade processor with Intel
  • Test, improve and refine existing algorithms: neural networks, Bayes, Markov, decision trees, reinforcement networks, Gaussian...
  • convert existing solutions (and training data) into different frameworks

Technical environment: Python( ongoing migration from v2 to v3), Jenkins, Ansible, Docker/Kubernetes, VMWare, Unit test tools and test automation, Machine Learning, C/C++, Rust, JavaScript (JS/React/Node) , HTML/CSS, REST, GIT, Linux, Windows 10, MacOS, iOS/Android, Agile (sprint 1-3 weeks on average).


Our client is looking for a confident and passionate Machine Learning Engineer to join their team. They value intelligence and attitude over knowledge of a particular technology. They are open to Bac + 2/3 with related personal projects.

Expected technical skills:

  • Our client is free of his technology. They currently favor safe values like TensorFlow
  • Python, for both analyzing data and understanding BE integrations, based on Python
  • Comfortable mainly in Linux environments. Knowledge of Windows and MacOS
  • Machine Learning experience and/or academic knowledge

Fluency in English is essential, given the cultural diversity of clients and collaborators.

Expected qualities: highly motivated, autonomous, proactive, friendly, stress-resistant


Indicative salary range NET 32-40K €. Discretionary twelve-monthly bonus: about 1 month's salary. 39h Monegasque CDI. 30 CPs.

Benefits: Monegasque Social Security, Restaurant coupons (10 € - 50/50%) or 5 € meal basket. CE under discussion ...

Occasional remote work. Typical routine: 9h00/9h30 -> 18h30/19h00.


Our client requests a CV and a short motivation letter in which you will highlight your ideal work, your motivation for this position and your experience in relation to the above expectations.

After our review and sending, with your agreement, of your CV and motivation letter to our client, you go ahead and negotiate directly with him. Their steps are as follows:

  • A phone interview (technical and HR-motivation) of about 1 hour with the lead dev and another dev collaborator
  • 1 half-day interview with technical tests, followed by an exchange over a drink with the whole team
  • A contract offer


Ci-dessous, 3 photos des locaux de l'entreprise.

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